DACA Pay Codes

(Days Assigned Carrier Absent)

By B. Ross Rhodes Jr.

Senior Assistant State Steward


          Many times carriers are confused with the plethora of pay codes that may be applicable to their individual situations.  In this article I will attempt to list each possible DACA code utilized in rural pay.  Most of these codes may be found on the back of your PS Form 1314, Regular Rural Carrier Time Certificate.  This information is sourced from Chapter 5 of the F-21 Time and Attendance, the 1995 – 1999 Contract Extension and various Postal Bulletins announcing new DACA codes.

DA Code




Annual Leave

Granted in 1-day increments.  Year’s annual leave is credited to the carrier at the beginning of the leave year.


Non-Rural V Day (Holiday Worked)

Carrier working in 204B position on his/her designated holiday. 


Continuation of Pay

Used with an on the job injury to pay you your wage up to 45 calendar days prior to OWCP accepting the claim.


Limited Duty

Injured and working partial days.



Workday used for QWL/EI activities in excess of 4 hours.  Carrier gets evaluation of route that day. Leave replacement carries the route.


QWL/EI Relief Day Taken

Taken upon the accumulation of 8 hours of QWL/EI time worked on the carrier’s relief day. Used to be DACA code X.


Holiday Leave

Carriers receive 10 holidays annually.


11-day Rural Route

Carrier works 11 days with 1 relief day each pay period.


10-day Rural Route

Carrier works 10 days with 2 relief days each pay period.


Leave With Out Pay

LWOP granted by management under certain conditions.


Military Leave

Carriers on active military duty and receiving regular postal pay.


Military Leave With Out Pay

Carriers on active military duty not receiving regular postal pay.


Other Leave (Administrative)

When granted by management, an explanation must be given on the back of the PS Form 1314, Regular Rural Carrier Time Certificate.


Work Hours Other Than Rural

Carrier paid evaluation of route minus EMA for other work such as adjustment team member.  Leave replacement is paid the evaluation.

   R *

Worked Relief Day (No Sub)

Carrier entitled to another relief day within 12 weeks.  EMA only paid to carrier for working R day if applicable.


Sick Leave

Taken in 1-day increments.  Carriers earn ˝ day per pay period.



Granted in 1-day increments if carrier attends a training session for the entire day.


Holiday Worked

Carrier works designated holiday.  Receives regular pay for that day plus pay for the holiday.  No extra day off.  Christmas only – carrier receives pay for the day plus 1.5 times holiday pay.  No extra day off.



(Injured On Duty/Leave With Out Pay)

Carrier relinquishes route due to a job-related injury or illness, has not yet been placed in a modified job assignment and is working a limited duty assignment, the employee will become an unassigned regular rural carrier.


Relief Day Taken

Carrier receives a paid day off as compensation for working his/her normal relief day.

   Y *

Non-Rural Relief Day Worked

Carrier works his/her relief day in other than rural delivery.  Ex:  Academy Trainer, Adjustment Team Member. Entitled to an X day.


Steward Duty

Paid day off after the accumulation of 8 hours for local stewards only.

   3 *

Relief Day Worked With 50% Pay

Regular carrier works his/her relief day and receives 50% pay plus an X day within 12 weeks. Carriers NOT on the Relief Day Work List MUST be paid by this DACA code for working his/her relief day.


Day of Reflection

Disciplinary administrative day of leave.


Relief Day Worked With 150% Pay

Regular carrier works his/her relief day and receives 150% pay.  NOT entitled to an X day.  MUST be signed up on the Relief Day Work List to select this payment option.

                              * From the beginning of the Guarantee Year through the end of the Christmas Overtime Period, carriers working their relief days MUST take a relief day in the SAME pay period.  If not, the system will place DACA code 5 against that relief day and pay you 150% of your evaluation and you are NOT entitled to a relief day.


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