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2010--2015 National Agreement

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Maryland Rural Letter Carriers’ Association

*  2014-2015 Maryland's State Officers

*  2014 – 2015 Maryland’s Local Group Officers 

*  2011 Maryland Constitution

*  6-Day Delivery Form Letter (Senator)

*  6-Day Delivery Form Letter (Representative)

*  Benefits of Membership 2000 – 2004 Contract   

*  Membership Dues Structure 

 Appication Form 1187 ( Acrobat Reader Required)

*  Membership – Retired Dues Withholding Form  (Acrobat Reader Required)

*  Constitution Change Form (Microsoft Word Required)

*  Constitution Change Form (Acrobat Reader Required) 

*  Resolution Form (Microsoft Word Required) 

 *  Resolution Form (Acrobat Reader Version)

*  The Free Rider’s Creed 

*  103 Positive Changes That Our Union Leadership Has Gained 

*  Non-Members Contract

* Outstanding Member of the Year




Pay and Equipment Maintenance Allowance

*  Ameritas Dental/Vision Insurance

* The Standard Long Term Disability Insurance

* Transamerica Leave Replacement Health Benefit Plan

* Leave Replacement Health Plan Introduction

*  Equipment Maintenance Allowance (EMA) History   

*  Days Assigned Carrier Absent (DACA) Pay Codes

*  Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Pay Codes 

*  Reading and Understanding Your Pay Statement  (Acrobat Reader Required)

*  Federal Tort Claims Act For Rural Letter Carriers Explained (GMAC Insurance Brochure)

*  Exclusionary Clause Wording For Rural Letter Carrier Auto Insurance Policies 

*  Rural Carrier Route Vehicles For Sale 

*  Wells Arbitration Award  (Acrobat Reader Required)

*  Free Saturdays on J and H Routes

*  60 Minute Interim Adjustment Information

*  USPS Policy Statement – Working Off The Clock (Acrobat Reader Required)


Favorite Links

*   National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association

        1630 Duke Street 4th Floor

      Alexandria VA 22314-3465                

      Phone: 703-684-5545

*   United States Postal Service

*   Postal Explorer

*   Office Of Personnel Management (OPM)

*   Atlanta Postal Credit Union (APCU) 

* National General Insurance Company (NGIC)

   Get a free, no-obligation quote by calling 1-888-325-7727. Mention Savings Code R-31. See how much you can save on the coverage chosen for members by the NRLCA. You'll find savings aren't your only reward. As a vital part of the NRLCA, you're entitled to benefits and services no member should be without.

*  Check And Register For Rural Carrier Exam Openings


 Baltimore/ Capital District Steward System

*   Step 1 Grievance Form (PS Form 8191) (Acrobat Reader Required)

*   Steward Election Form (NRLCA Form 10) (Acrobat Reader Required)

*   Templates for Working Off The Clock Grievances  (Acrobat Reader Required) 

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*   District Representative LYNNE WALSH

      PO Box 296

Forest Hill MD 21050-0296

Phone: 410-838-3067

FAX: 410-205-2394


*  Assistant District Representative CARL CLEAVELAND

      PO Box 2467

      Waldorf MD 20604

      Phone: 301-645-8855

        Fax: 301-645-6685

* Assistant District Representative KAREN COWGER

       PO Box 8355

      Elkridge MD 21075

       Phone: 443-714-0762


Current News


*   LLV Policy For Rural Routes  (Acrobat Reader Required)



Health and Worker’s Compensation Issues

*   NRLCA Form 30 for OWCP Assistance  (Acrobat Reader Required)

*   NRLCA Injury Compensation Handbook  (Acrobat Reader Required)

*   Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)  (Acrobat Reader Required)

 * Leave Replacement Health Plan Introduction



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